Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Going to the chapel

Going to the chapel and were gonna get married....

Yes, so I am officially engaged!  I can hear all my girlfriends say, "it's about time".  I have know Njeru (my fiancee) for over 10 years.  A lot  can happen in 10 years of learning someone.  You get to see someone pick their nose, hear them snore, and share the best laughs with.

We are currently taking our pre-marital classes at church with our pastor who will be marrying us this Spring of 2016.  

The classes have really revealed how much work we will have to put into our marriage.  It also has revealed the importance of God in our relationship and future family.

Here is what I know for sure:

I am marrying Njeru as a whole complete woman.  He is getting the best version of Lolade.  Now, I am not saying I am perfect but he is getting me as someone who has learned to love every part of myself from my toes to my hair follicles.

I am also learning patience and listening is important in a relationship.

My relationship and walk with God has strengthen and I am so happy to have found my equal who loves God more then me.

I realized that love will fizzle and we both will need to call on God for guidance ("Jesus, take the wheel").

We are also establishing friendships with other married couples and looking at good examples of marriage.

Lastly, we have decided that divorce is not an option. We have committeed to God being apart of our individual lives as well as our marriage 

I am looking forward to having many more years with this man and a life time of journeys.

Thank you for letting me Share :). Remember to live, love & share

See you again on Thursday!


This is us a year ago.  We traveled to TN to hike the Smokey Mts. 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Not for rent

Who are you renting your space to? Is it people's opinions? doubt? fear? is it the opinions of those closest to you?  Your mind is your sacred real estate.

That's right...unless they are a good tenant, otherwise shut out the extra noise.  When I chose to leave my job last year I did not tell many people about this transition.  Why?  Because I did not need to solicit anyone's opinion on what I valued to be true for myself

Some people felt like I kept a secret from them.  The truth is that when I am alone with my thoughts and with God I can not turn to anyone  and ask "should I do this or not?" When I am with God and myself  I am not seeking consensus but seeking clarity.  Being alone with God in prayer teaches me to TRUST Him alone.

In the mist of life happening you have to be intentional about spending time alone and with God.

Til next week,

Remember to live, love & share.


Tuesday, September 29, 2015

You are your BEST investment

Someone that I recently talked to left her job.  She shared with me her dissatisfaction about her job
and with her co-workers.  Many of you can relate with her about being unhappy with your job.  She mentioned being unhappy about several things but one thing that came up in the conversation was that she did not feel valued and  no one invested in her. Read on to see what I shared with her:

Jim Rohn said, "you don't get paid for the hour, you get paid for the value you bring to the hour".  Many people outsource the responsibilities of their life's outcome to others.  If you want to change your outcome or the results you are producing in your life then you must add value to yourself.  

You are able to press your reset button.  Now make good use of this new opportunity.  Understand what you want out of this experience that you did not have with your previous experience.  Don't blame anyone but what is the experience you want?  How are you willing to create that experience for yourself?  Who can help you create this experience for yourself?  People don't grow and develop by accident.  You must be intentional about your growth and develop. Remember that you are your BEST investment.  You must always continue to sow into your destiny.  

 Now for all of those reading this: I want you to write down your schedule for the week and weekend.  If your schedule does not  create time for personal growth then, you need to start to become more INTENTIONAL about your time.  Now I am not saying you quit your job.  What I am encouraging is that you substitute your time with reading a book, listening to a pod cast, networking, or creating your growth plan.  Whatever it is make sure you are working at it everyday to get you closer to what you want (be intentional).   

See you on Thursday!


Ps.  This does not only apply towards a job.  This is also for those out there trying to lose weight or eat healthy.  Let this speak to your unspoken truth (speaking to myself now).  

Thursday, September 24, 2015

What's Your Focus?

Midweek check- in!  I hope that you have been working on your assignment from Tuesday.  If not visit the link  from the last post here and get started today!

Tony Robbins, a motivational speaker and author recently shared a post on FB that, "In life, most people focus on what they don't want instead of what they do".  Wow, this is so true.  I can give you a list of what I don't want or what I don't like and what I don't have.  Also this list is NEGATIVE.  Our focus should be on the positive because it is more empowering and focus driven.  

How do you switch your habits?  Start with writing down your goals.  Write down what you want and tape it around your house, in your car, behind your desk at work. You need to  focus and develop what you want in you life (claim it)!

Tony ended the the post with, "if you resist your fear, have faith, and discipline your focus, your actions will naturally take you in the direction you want.  Release your fear, and focus now on what you truly desire and deserve." Well said.  Remember to live, love & share.



Ps. what are you focusing on this week and over the weekend that will bring you closer to your goals?  Share with me in the comments section on the blog or on Facebook.  I can't wait to read!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Defining YOUR own success

Top of the hour, to everyone!

I hope that everyone had a restful weekend and the week is looking promising.  Thank you to
everyone who read the post on listening to your inner voice.  I am so humbled to hear that it spoke to so many of you.  That is the point of Lo's Notes, it is meant to encourage and have you to either continue or create the life you were born to live.

A psychologist friend of mine asked me, "what does success look like to me? " At that time I had really been working at what success looks like for ME.  It looks different for everyone.  I wanted to clearly define it for myself because I always wanted to be in a place of growth and peace around success.

I replied to her questions with, " success to me is when I love what I do, I can share it with others, and I can replicate it."  Once you define what success looks like for you, you can stop making other people's meaning of success dictate your life and this perfectionist syndrome which has defined your view of success.

This week everyone has a homework assignment from me. Journal what your definition of success is to YOU.

Then, share what success looks like for you  with me and the people in your inner circle.   Remember success is not about balancing everything, no one is looking for wonder woman or superman. Success is about the journey and less about the destination.  

Til next time, remember to live, love & share. 

Peace, blessing and much success (the way you define it)!


Our Godmother said it best.  Don't you think?

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Your Inner Voice is CALLING On YOU!

Hey My Loves,

Image result for inner voice is callingIt has been a while since I have written on Lo's Notes. I want to drop some knowledge that will hopefully leave you to listen to your inner voice and step outside your comfort zone.

At an early age we are taught not to trust people, places, things, and most tragically our heart's. Unfortunately sooner then later this leads to self doubt.

It's time to start listening to your  inner voice. Fear will drown your dreams and kill your decisions.
I am sure most of us wants to know how to begin to learn how to trust our inner voice.  Here are two things I want to leave you with:

      1. In spite of all your challenges and convictions of not being where you want to be, or having certain things , God's got your back!  He watches over you. There is nothing to big or small for God. 
         2.  Remember that it is your decisions and not your conditions that determines your destination. Move fearlessly in faith. Remember that when opportunity meets preparation, those are two ingredients for success.  

Beloved, take time this week and next to journal about the one thing that you are afraid to face. I challenge you to conquer your hesitation and listen to that repeated tug on your heart.  That is your inner voice.  

It is time to surrender and trust God to take you to the places you ought to be and surrounded by the people that will encourage you.

If this sounds like you, then I want you to share with me how you will begin to listen to your inner voice, that tug at your heart.

Til next time.  Remember to live, love & share.


       Ps. Every time you compromise or settle for less then, you always get far less then you desire (wink).  

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Get out of your own way

I am really growing all.  I don't remember when I realized this but I started to become really conscious of the fact that I talk myself out of my blessings (raise your hand if this is you).  What I mean by this is that I would say, "if it does not work at least I tried" or "if I don't get it now may be later".

God does not give you the idea without Him seeing you through.  He provides a way when there is non.  He will send the right people alongside you.

So why do we default to blocking our blessings?  Most people let fear of the unknown talk them out of their blessings. Any time you have an "if" when pursing your purpose you negate your blessings.  You are no longer living in creativity but now you are living in doubt.

I can find very many examples in my own life were I have allowed fear to derail me from being creative and experience joy in my pursuit of my purpose.  In essence you are either in fear or in faith. God does not give you the spirit of fear.  When pursing your dreams it requires faith.

When we pursue whatever God as called us to do, it is our outward expression of our trust in God.  When you fear you are saying you don't trust Him.

What is one area in your life you have talked yourself out of your blessings?

I pray this post leaves you to live, love and share over the weekend!

See you next week.