Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tuesday Talk -- Attitude

Any fact facing us is not as important as our attitude toward it, for that determines our success or failure. The way you think about a fact may defeat you before you ever do anything about it. You are overcome by the fact because you think you are.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Can people change?

I need your help in answering this questions.  Can people change?  Do you think after bad habits and mistakes, can people change?  The question is not will you forgive or give a person a second chance; but can someone change their ways for the better?

We all make mistake.  We all have gotten into some shit!  We all wish we did not say or do something.  Can we make a turn for the better?  Can we change?  Old habits are hard to break.  I heard somewhere it takes 30 days to make something a new habit.  So, if someone was a cheater, can they change?  If someone is consistently late for appointments can they change?  

I would like know from you what you think.  Please share with me what you know to be the truth.

Looking forward to reading your answers.  


Ps. Remember to live, love, share  

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Don't Give Up!

Am Baaaack!!!   Since I have started my new job and position this summer I have defiantly been on my grind.  This summer has been one of new adventures needless to say.  I made a lot of time for friends, family, the beach,  good food and laughs.

Have you ever started something new and was like "heck nawh" this is too damn hard? Well, I felt like that with my new job.  The more I tried the more I felt overwhelmed.

Here is what I have learned:

1. Anything new is going to be challenging.  You have to give yourself the space and time to make mistakes and learn.  Anything worth doing is worth doing badly first.  What I mean by this is that you never start at your best.

2. You are going to make multiple mistakes. What are you doing to learn from your mistakes?  Confucius said it well, "Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising every time we fall".

3. Failure teaches you patience.

4. Perseverance has to kick in!  You can not give up.  It is going to be hard.  You are going to be tired but you will make it. If you persist you will win.

5. You have to make sure you are putting good energy in the Universe.  Only speak positive words about yourself, the situation and others ( I am working on this one!).  Your words create your reality.

6. Be kind and show gratitude.  My family has been so supportive, they have been my sounding board  since my transition.  Words cannot say enough.

7. Pray!

A month in, I am not feeling the same as I did the first week.  Don't get me wrong there are still challenges and I am still making mistakes but I have not quit and I  don't plan too.  I hope what I have learned will help you press on.  Remember to live, love and share. What is your recipe for getting through new experiences?

See you again on Thursday!


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Might not be my grandma's kitchen but defiantly came close!  If you want a fun and new way to spend your weekends then you must check out Sur La Table.  They offer many different classes which are approximately 2 hours long.   The classes are taught by professional chefs and you do the cooking and tasting. This is a wonderful way to learn a new recipe and laugh while completing your meal.  When I arrived they gave me an apron, the recipes for the meals that we were going to cook, and a 10% off coupon (I used my coupon and signed up for another class!).

Anyone can do this, even if you are not a pro in the kitchen!  Great for girls night out, date night, birthday celebration, or just for a good time!  When you go make sure to let me know and take lot of picture!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

New chapter!

The students got a chance to slim me for the science fair!
Life is ever evolving and I believe that I was created to create.  I have been teaching for 7 years and I began teaching after graduate school.  I was really looking forward to working in a museum, because I wanted to be around curators, and artists.  Despite my efforts, I had a really difficult time breaking into that industry. 

 I was approached by a family friend to be a substitute teacher and I quickly took on this challenge. Teaching now became my love and passion. Even though I was a sub, I had my own subject, roster of students, classroom, and full-time duties of a teacher.  That first year of teaching, my idea of teaching changed needless to say.  I had imagined that I was going to wear a dashiki, read Malcolm X, and go to museums once a month.  Reality quickly set in.  I had to change my attitude and approach to teaching quickly.  

One day my principal came to me and asked how comfortable I would feel to teach science in addition to me already teaching history.  I remember in college struggling with basic biology.  I asked her if I could think about it, and her reply was a sharp, “no”.  I smiled and humbly said, “okay”.  That night I went to Barnes and Noble to pick up every science book that  was ever written to brush up on middle school science.  My family thought I was crazy for teaching in the hood and on top of the stories that I came home with about parents, children, and adults, now I wanted to teach science!?  

I made it through my first year with a great teacher mentor, a couple of mental bruises about teaching, and physical bruises for breaking up fights in the classroom between students,  and this new passion to be a great teacher!  Anytime I told someone where I taught you would have thoughtI was a saint or wore a wonder woman belt. The reactions of me teaching in an urban area (I am going to keep it real -- the hood) was interesting.  It was as if education should look different there, or only the brave and crazy taught in the hood.  I did not have the "lets save the black children" mentality or feel like I wore the “S” on my shirt. I did, however, feel like the black children that looked like me desired a world class education.  I also understood that I needed to build trust between the community (group of kids and parents) I was teaching in and to trust that I could do this job.  

Over the years I learned to trust myself more and more in the classroom.  I left the school I started at to literally teach across the street at a charter school.  Now, many people have strong opinions about charter vs. public and I am here to set the record STRAIGHT. We don't kick out irate students, we don't select only the smart kids, we don't reject kids with I.E.P. (individualized education program), and we are not taking kids away from public schools. The kids in charter schools are no different from the kids at my first school (public school).  I learned so much from this charter school about what extraordinary teaching looked like.  I also challenged myself in the classroom and as a leader.  At this new school, I led  the vision for what 7th grade should look like and taught a full load.  As a teacher, you sacrifice a lot of your life, with the long hours at school, challenging students and parents, working relentlessly to teach and motivate students and teachers.  This is definitely not a one woman’s show!  I have worked beside an extraordinary group of educators and staff throughout my 7 years of teaching.  

Since I turned 31, life has a way of starting to look different (well for me at least). I started to reflect more, and ask myself questions like: Am I living my purpose? Do I react accordingly to whatever conflict?  Where do I see myself 5 years from now?  I started to feel like I was waking up to make it through another day and not really living life!  I wanted much more out of my own life.  I wanted to start to answer these questions.  I also for a period of time felt guilty about life because I felt like, I was so blessed why did I want more from life (that's a whole other blog post).  I realized that it was not my job that was the problem but it was that God was preparing me!  For what, I am not quit sure yet.  I truly believe that nothing happens by mistake.  For so long I have been in a place of running, going, trying to get through another day and week and I forgot to listen to God.  I needed to start to slow down and be one with my Creator so I can create.  I am working on that.  Lo’s Notes is one result out of listening and speaking to God.  

I have been going through a transformation, and it has not been an easy transformation.  I have been pushing myself to really seek and grow.  I have learned that a positive attitude, prayer, surrounding yourself with good people, crying a little followed by lots of laughs are important.  I am leaving my current job to have more time to LIVE my purpose. For the past year and half I was wondering what the hell was wrong with me?  It was not only the fact that I was getting older, it was the fact that I was shifting and becoming more clear on what was important, what I was going to tolerate, and who I want to be in the world.  

After 7 years of teaching in the classroom, I  begin this new chapter in my life.  I know that I will encounter challenges, love, fear, and new perspective.  I also bring with me on this new journey God, love, friendships, family, and a peace of mind.

I pray this post leaves you to live, love and share.

Till next time,

LO —

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Remembering when.....

Hey Good People.... I have not forgotten about you.  I want to share a little of how the summer started.  Cali love.

Remember to live. love. share this summer.  See everyone again on Thursday!

LO  xo

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Brooklyn Bound

Over the weekend I met up with my bestie, Chant'a and her friend Alicia.  We traveled to see the exhibit A Subtlety by Kara Walker.  Pictures don't do it justices. Y'all go and see it.  I have always been a fan of Ms. Walker's work first seeing her work at the Newark Museum.

After working up an appetite we went to this bangin' spot called Habana Outpost.  Ask any Brooklynite and they have either heard of it or have been to this swanky, south of the boarder, environmental conscious restaurant.  The outdoor vibe is were it is at.  In fact, I wanted to go back the next day because I was day dreaming about the fish tacos, corn, and the Mojito with agava that makes you wish you had a designated drive so you can continue to sip on another one.  Try it out and let me know what you think!

Then finally, Chanta's friends invited us to a BBQ on their roof top in Soho!  Check out the view

This weekend was about remembering to live. love & share and I certainly did!